Equality Impact Assessments

Year Month Name of Policy
2005 May Sexual Health Strategy
2006 June Capability Policy
  August Risk Register
2007 January Health and Community Care Plan
  February Exit Interview Policy
2008 March Health and Community Care Plan
  April Information Security Policy
  May Adverse Incident Policy
  June Mandatory Training Policy
  July Volunteering Policy
  November Special Leave Policy
2009  February Bullying and Harassment Policy
     Work Experience Policy
   March  Health Clearance Policy
     Career Break Policy
  April Staff Dress Code & Uniform Policy
    Recruitment & Selection Policy
  May Speakeasy Project
  June Homeworking Policy
    Trade Union & Professional Organisation Facilities Agreement
    Annualised Hours
  July Equal Opportunities Policy
  August Prevention of natural rubber latex allergy in healthcare workers and patients
2010 January C Card Policy
    Future Models of Midwifery Care
    Policy on Management and Treatment of Headlice
  February Glove Selection and Use Policy
    North West Dumfries Primary Care Outline Business Case
    Management of Blood and Body Fluid Spillages
  March Standard Infection Control Precautions
    Theatre Department Infection Control
    DGRI Redevelopment Outline Business Case
  April Oral Health Action Plan
  May Handwashing Policy
    Gifts and Hospitality Policy
    Single Use Medical Devices
    Waste Management within Health Care Setting
    Unavailability Policy
  June Breastfeeding Policy
  July Abdominal Acritic Aneurysm Screening
  August Secondment Policy
    Wedding Ring Removal during Theatre
   October Workforce Plan 2010
    Mental Health Operational Policy
    Spiritual Care Policy
  November National Cervical Screening Programme
  December Sexual Health Code of Confidentiality
    Diabetic Retinopothy Screening Programme
2011 Jan Staff with Skin Problems
  May Display Screen Equipment
    Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
    Review of Dental Access
    Neurology Service Review
  June Quality Rostering Policy
    Visiting Policy
  July Retirement Policy
Adult Support and Protection Policy
  August Exclusion of NHS Staff from Work
    DGRI Redevelopment
   September Redesign of Adult Learning Disability Service
2012 September Electronic Sexual Health Risk Assessment Tool
2013 March Work Experience
  May Cancer Outcome Strategy
  June Risk Register
  September Fraud Policy and Action Plan
2014 January Provision of Patient Advice and Support Service
  February Learning and Development Framework
  March Maternity Support (Paternity) Leave Policy
    Exit Interview Policy
  September Podiatry Service Change
  October Dental Services Review
  November New District Hospital
  December Smoke Free Grounds
    Complaints Policy
2015 January NHS Specialist Drug and Alcohol Sevice
   March Erostering Policy
    Dumfries and Galloway Suicide Prevention Action Plan
  May Recruitment and Selection Policy
  June Midpark Hospital Coming into Hospital Booklet
   July Spiritual Care Policy
    Adult Support and Protection Policy
   August Pre-Birth Impact Assessment
    Overpayment Policy
   September Pre-Birth Guidelines
 2016 March Integrated Workforce Plan
  May Options for the Future of Chronic Pain Services in Dumfries & Galloway 
  June Workforce & Transition Framework
    Freedom of Information Policy
    Policy to protect individuals at risk of radicalisation and exploitation
  September Operational Policy - IDEAS Team
2017 February Supervision Policy in Mental Health
  March Cresswell Redevelopment
    Mental Health Admission, Discharge and Transfer Policy
  May Volunteering Policy
  June Professional Accountability
  September Carers Strategy

For hard copies of the impact assessment documents please contact:

Lynsey Fitzpatrick
Equality Lead
NHS Dumfries and Galloway
High East
Crichton Hall
DG1 4TG 
Tel: 01387 044030
Email: lynsey.fitzpatrick@nhs.net