Public Holiday Health

Your guide to Dumfries and Galloway health services this public holiday period.

Be Ready

The four key steps  is recommending everyone take in preparation for their health over any public holiday period are:

Restock your medicine cabinet
Many children and adults pick up common winter ailments such as a cold or flu-like illness. These can often be effectively treated at home with readily available medicine. Parents are reminded to restock their medicine cabinet with remedies suitable for children.

Use your local pharmacy
Your local pharmacy is an accessible resource for you and your family. Your pharmacist can offer advice or help if you have run out of any prescribed medication. You can also collect medicine for minor ailments or illnesses.

Make sure you have repeat prescriptions.
If you, or someone you care for, require medicines regularly, check that you have enough and if you need more remember to order and collect repeat prescriptions in good time to ensure you or your family have enough medicine to last over the holiday period. Only order what you need.

Know when your GP surgery will be open
Your local doctor’s surgery closes at 6pm before and opens at 8am after the public holiday.

Other Public Holiday information:

Ready Scotland?

You can prepare for all kinds of severe weather by planning ahead and taking simple steps to protect your home, family and business.

The "Ready Scotland?" campaign which is aimed at preparing for severe weather conditions (emergency planning) and advising on what you need to be prepared.

Your local radio stations will keep you informed with the most up-to-date news on weather and travelling conditions

For more information visit

Know who to turn to

How to get the right medical assistance when you’re ill or injured and going directly to the person with the appropriate skills is important.

Whether is is:

  • Self Care
  • Pharmacist
  • GP
  • NHS Out of Hours Service
  • Minor Injuries Unit
  • 999 Emergency Service/Emergency Department 

This can help you to a speedier recovery.

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