Alcohol & Drugs Partnership

Dumfries & Galloway ADP is a body made up of representatives from a wide range of partners across the region. This includes input from Health, Social Work, Housing, Police, Procurator Fiscal Service and the Voluntary sector. The ADP is responsible for planning and joining up the various initiatives across the region to tackle alcohol and drugs misuse, and to try and prevent it becoming a problem for people. Examples of ongoing work include specialist services, community initiatives, raising awareness of local issues, prevention education programmes in schools, to treatment options and supporting families and those with substance problems towards recovery, healthy lifestyles and employment.

Naloxone - Save Someone

Naloxone Poster Naloxone is a pharmaceutical drug which can temporarily reverse the effects of an opiate overdose, providing more time for an ambulance to arrive and treatment to be given.

The National Take Home Naloxone programme involves Naloxone being provided to those thought to be at risk of opiate overdose - once they have undergone specialist training.

This training is available to drug users across Dumfries and Galloway and is also be available to  their family, friends, carers, partners and other people who associate with them and who are likely to be in the vicinity if an overdose occurs.



 01387 244555/01671 402548

ADDACTION 0800 035 0793  

APEX (Stranraer) 01776 700973                                       

Current News

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs Drop In Sessions Gretna

If you are worried about someone you care about misusing alcohol or drugs SFAD are here to help by offering support and information. Please see below for Gretna drop in sessions and contact details


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Gretna Drop In Poster

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Alcohol and Drugs Support SWS (ADS)

For a copy of the annual report please click here

ROC Cafe OASIS Centre Dumfries

For those in recovery, the ‘out of hours’ period can be a difficult time. ROC Cafe is here to provide an activity for the evening and a chance to socialise and make new friends.
The cafe is run by those who have been through recovery especially for those in recovery.
The cafe is designed to celebrate recovery, provide a non-judgemental and social place and bring ideas together from volunteers and cafe users to create a place of their own.
The committee of volunteers plan, organise and arrange the event themselves.
The cafe is funded by the Alcohol & Drug Partnership and The Recovery Initiative Fund 
Wellness and Recovery College - UWS
The Dumfries and Galloway Wellness and Recovery College, is a local initiative that delivers a range of wellness and recovery focussed learning and development opportunities. Courses will provide students with a range of learning opportunities, these may include: 
  • Learning skills and strategies to cope with challenging times, for example in relation to change and loss
  • Strengthening personal coping skills
  • Developing and maintaining positive relationships
  • Helping to understand personal responses to situations  
Courses vary in content and length. You may be interested in signing up for just one course or more.
For further information please visit the website below
Development of  Family Support  in Dumfries and Galloway
Dumfries and Galloway ADP recognise family support as a key component of an individual’s recovery from substance misuse.
Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs (SFAD) are a national organisation who have been awarded funding to conduct a one year scoping exercise in the region. The purpose of this work will be to gather information on the needs of families affected by substance misuse and to develop peer led family support groups throughout Dumfries and Galloway, which will address some of the needs identified.
SFAD will:
·         Employ a family support worker to cover the region
·         Develop peer led family support groups
·         Facilitate advocacy for families
·         Promote family inclusive practices within partner organisations
·         Facilitate training in family inclusive practices for partner organisations.
·         Scope the current support available to families and identify gaps in current provision.
·         Promote SFAD helpline
·         Develop web based information specific to families in Dumfries and Galloway.
SFAD will shortly be making contact with our partner organisations and can be contacted meantime on 0141 221 0544
ADP Minutes
Minutes from the ADP meetings are available for download. Click on the following links

ADP Important Documents

 Getting Our Priorities Right 2014

Dumfries and Galloway ADP and CPC have developed an updated good practice framework for all child and adult service practitioners working with vulnerable children and families affected byproblematic parental alcohol and/or drug use. It has been updated in line with national guidance and within the particular context of the national GIRFEC approach and the Recovery Agendas, both of which have a focus on‘whole family’ recovery. Another key theme is the importance of services focusing on early intervention activity, working together effectively at the earliest stages to help children and families. To access the the documents click on the links below

 GOPR Practitioners Guidelines 2014

 GOPR Online Toolkit 2014     

GOPR Electronic Links

GOPR Online Toolkit 2014 (Word Format)


ADP Reporting Template 2013-14

Dumfries and Galloway ADPs report to the Scottish Government provides a self assessment of the partnership as well as activities and goals for future service delivery and prevention activities to address the regions drug and alcohol issues. The document is available to download by clicking on the following link

ADP Reporting template 2013 -14

 ADP Annual Report 2011-12

This annual report of the Dumfries and Galloway Alcohol and Drugs Partnership refers to the financial year 2011-12 and includes the following on activity and achievement over the past year

  • A GENERAL OVERVIEW of key achievements and issues from the past year
  • EXPENDITURE invested in pursuit of our key priorities
  • KEY ACTIONS and ACTIVITIES in pursuit of core and local outcomes
  • Performance against CORE AND LOCAL INDICATORS
  • Use of NATIONAL SUPPORT organisations

Available here for download

Link opens in new windowADP Annual Report 2011-12

ADP Delivery Plan 2012-15

The plan sets out the key changes that Dumfries and Galloway ADP intend to promote over the next  three years, building on the priorities of Recovery and Prevention as set out in the Dumfries and Galloway Alcohol and Drug Partnership Strategy 2011 -14

Available here for download 

 ADP Delivery Plan 2012-2015

ADP Strategy

This document outlines the main aims and objectives of the Stategic Plan for the members of the Alcohol and Drugs Partnership from 2011 to 2014.

The vision of the Dumfries and Galloway Alcohol and Drugs Partnership is of a region where people are healthier, happier and safer. Recognising the harm that alcohol and drug misuse can cause. The two themes of prevention and recovery run throughout the Strategy. They underpin short term outcomes which will improve the lives of those affected by substance misuse, and the longer term vision of communities where alcohol and drug misuse are reduced for the benefit of all.
Available here for download. 

Link opens in new windowADP Strategy 2011-2014

Recognised Partners List

In developing a Recognised Partners List (RPL) the ADP wishes to bring together the diverse range of partners into single framework based on the National Quality Standards for Substance Misuse Services (NQS). This framework will be flexible enough to acknowledge that professional accountabilities may lie elsewhere, but defined enough to reassure those using services that they operate to agreed minimum standards.

Further information is contained in the information leaflet. Link opens in new windowRPL Leaflet


Organisations wishing to consider applying for inclusion on the list should speak with the ADP Support Team, or by completing the appropriate form available below.

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