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What is a Managed Clinical Network?

The Definition of a Managed Clinic Network

'Managed Clinical Networks' are defined as linked groups of health professionals and organisations from primary, secondary and tertiary care, working in co-ordinated manner, unconstrained by existing professional and Health Board boundaries, to ensure equitable provision of high quality clinically effective service trhoughout Scotland.  Fuller thinking on the concept is set ou in paragraphs 45 - 64 and 417 - 421 of the report of the Acute Services Review.

NHS MEL(1999)10

MCN Structure 2008.pdf

A Managed Clinical Network (MCN) is a way of working which allows multi-disciplinary/multi-professional teams to work across traditional boundaries with the health service to deliver evidence based, patient focused services.

Patient / public involvement is crucial to the MCN to help maintain this focus and provides vital feedback and advice about both current services and future developments.

Public involvement members of the MCNs have participated in "Voices" training, run by British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Chest Heart Stroke Scotland (CHSS) i.e. Hearty Voices, Diabetes Voices, Respiratory Voice and Stroke Voices.

The core principles for each MCN are and stated in HDL (2002)69 and they are:

  • must have clarity about its management arrangements
  • must have a defined structure
  • must have a clear statement of specific clinical.service improvements
  • ust use a documented evidence base i.e. SIGN Guidelines
  • must be multi-disciplinary/multi-professional with patient representation
  • must have policy dissemination of information to patients
  • must have a Quality Assurance Programme
  • should develop Continuing Professional Development education and training programmes
  • should ensure all health professionals participate in audits and research as required
  • should explore the potential for better value for money

A full outline of the MCN Core Principles can be viewed in the Health Department Letter HDL(2002)69

Update guidance for MCNs from the Scottish Government Health Depart

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Other Networks

  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory


Useful Links

Each MCN links in with national charities and organisation and listed within their respective pages.