Birth Planning

Planning your care for pregnancy and birth

In maternity services we endeavour to offer informed choice on all the care you recieve, we will give you information on what is available to you and give you advice and make recommendations specific to your individual case.  There is a brief outline below of what we routinely offer to all women.

When you first become pregnant you can contact either the midwife or GP, you can choose who you prefer to see, via your local surgery or Health Centre.  At your first visit the Health Professioanl will begin to discuss the options you have for your care and advise you as to which may be most appropriate for your case.  Whoever provides your care will continue to ensure you are involved in planning and agreeing that care.

Most of the care we offer is provided by  Team Midwives and GP's who are based in four localities: Nithsdale, Annandale and Eskdale, Stewartry and Wigtownshire. The midwifery teams are supported by expert core staff in Cresswell Maternity Wing. There is also a team of midwives at Stranraer who provide care, and where appropriate, deliver babies in the Clenoch Birthing Centre.  Expert advice and care is available from Consultant Obstetricians and a Multidisciplinary Team of professionals.

All women and their partners are offered parenthood education in groups or as individuals. This may be community based and will include hospital visits.

Choice of place of birth is promoted within the service and the midwives will discuss this with you.  The options available are to have a home birth, birth in a Community Maternity Unit (Clenoch Birthing Centre, Stranraer), birth in a Consultant Led Unit (Cresswell Maternity Wing, Dumfries) or for some women who require more specialist support birth may be recommended in a tertiary cantre such as Glasgow.   The Labour Delivery and Postnatal Rooms or LDRP rooms in Cresswell Maternity Wing and Clenoch Birthing Centre are the latest concept in Maternity Care.  After the baby is born, the hospital stay is normally around 24-48 hours. Then care is at home, provided by the Team Midwives.

There are currently some difficulties in relation to the provision of midwifery on call cover for home birth. In some cases this has resulted in women being asked to come into hospital to give birth. This is currently under review and we hope a resolution will be reached soon.

However, if problems arise, the Core Hospital Team will support the locality teams, to provide the necessary care and expertise for a longer stay.

Your midwife will give you a copy of "Ready Steady Baby", a guide to pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.  This information can be viewed on the Link opens in new windowNHS Health Scotland website