Your visiting arrangements whilst staying in Cresswell Maternity Wing

Friends and family visiting before and after you have had the baby

In Cresswell Maternity Wing we have a system of “Person-Centred” visiting. This means that visiting arrangements are decided by you at a time, and for a length of time, that suits you and, where applicable, your baby. This allows you to advise your friends and relatives of the best time to come and visit. This means you can receive visitors throughout the day rather than have everyone at the same time. However, who visits and when, is entirely up to you.

Staff will always be on hand to advise you on any health issues for yourself or the baby that may require restrictions to the amount and timing of visitors. Also visitors may be asked to step out whilst staff provide essential care.

If you feel that some of your visitors have overstayed a time that you are comfortable with then please let us know and the staff can support you with this.

Friends and family supporting during labour and birth

Who you have with you during labour will be a personal choice and we would encourage you to discuss this with your midwife when completing your birth plan. We will accommodate your wishes as far as we can, however this will be dependent on your condition, and that of your baby, and at the discretion of the team providing care.
If you require to go into theatre we will accommodate a support person going with you; this will be discussed at the time and will be subject to the discretion of the team caring for you at the time.

Partners, family or friends staying with you overnight

We also offer you the opportunity to have one person stay with you overnight if you feel this would be helpful.

If there is a problem identified with your pregnancy you may feel some comfort from having your partner or a support person stay overnight with you.

We understand that the birth of a new baby can be an emotional, exciting and exhausting time for new parents and sometimes you may wish to have someone stay overnight to help and support you with the care of your baby.

If you plan to have someone stay with you during your stay in Cresswell Maternity Wing we would ask you to give consideration to the following:

  • If you plan to have someone stay overnight with you please ensure they have everything they need with them for an overnight stay.
  • As there are other women and babies in the ward to consider, we request that all visitors staying overnight be appropriately dressed and we would appreciate if you would refrain from wandering in the corridor and if you smoke, please avoid going out during the night.
  • Meals are only provided for the mother, so please bear this in mind.
  • It may not always be possible to offer this facility, so please respect that the option to stay overnight will be at the midwives discretion.