Having a Baby in Dumfries and Galloway

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Maternity services comprises a wide team of health professionals and support workers who work closely to provide the highest standards of care for the women of Dumfries and Galloway. This care includes the pre-conception period, pregnancy, labour and birth and the early post natal period.

Please note that the Maternity Services leaflet is currently being reviewed and updated there may therefore be some inaccuracies. For clarity on any of the issues covered please ask your midwife.

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Getting involved

We are constantly looking to improve what we do and users of our service play a big part in this, please contact us to get involved.

Our staff are firmly committed to providing the best possible care for you.  We are keen to improve what we do by listening to what you tell us.  We would therefore welcome your comments on what you think we did well and where we could do better.  If you would like to provide any comments or suggestions, please go to the Comments, Concerns, Compliments or Complaints page.  CareOpinion is the UK's independent non-profit feedback platform for health and social care. Share your story - help make our services better www.careopinion.org.uk

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The Maternity Service in NHS Dumfries and Galloway are about to implement a programme of enhanced recovery from planned caesarean section birth. The aim of this enhanced recovery is to optimise your care and your birth experience, reduce any complications, and to support and enable you to feel confident to go home with your baby as soon as you wish.  This programme will ensure that women are fully involved in their care and that of their baby.

For more information Caesarian Patient Information

Birth Planning

All pregnant women in Scotland now have the same hand-held pregnancy record. This includes a section for recording your preferences for your labour and birth, sometimes known as a birth plan.  To help you think this through, we have listed the headings from the hand-held pregnancy record. It is important to involve your birth partner in this, as they should understand and feel comfortable with your wishes. Our antenatal classes may also help you decide what you want.

  • How do I feel about labour and birth? What are my expectations?
  • Who do I want with me during labour and birth?
  • My environment for labour and birth
  • If everything is straightforward, how do I want my baby's heartbeat to be monitored during labour?
  • How will I cope with pain?

The booking appointment is your first major appointment and usually takes place between eight and twelve weeks of pregnancy. View the new resource from Scottish Government.