Statutory Supervision of Midwives

Supervisors of midwives 

There are eight Supervisors of Midwives: Gillian Boyes, Kathleen Hamblin, Carole McBurnie, Joyce Reekie, Claire McLaren, Karen King and Mel McLean. The Supervisors of Midwives are all practising midwives within NHS Dumfries and Galloway and undertake a variety of roles within the organisation. A Supervisor of Midwives is always available for public and staff . if you need to speak to a Supervisor of midwives they can be contacted through the Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary switchboard 01387 246246.

The main function of statutory supervision of midwives is protection of the public.  The information on this page aims to ensure that the public are aware of this function and provide links to more information.   


Gillian Boyes

Qualified August 1990, so 20yrs in midwifery.
Team Leader in Birthing Suite Cresswell.
Varied midwifery experience in all areas throughout the hospital. Spent about 7 years on the Blue Team, hospital based midwifery team looking after Dumfries women. 
Normality in labour, assisting women to achieve their labour expectations and wishes. Assisting new parents during the early postnatal period to go home with a healthy baby which they are getting to know.
During my time off I love going on holidays, long haul or weekend breaks. I also have a white boxer who keeps me very busy. 

 Gillian Boyes.jpg
Kathleen Hamblin

I have been a midwife for 30 years and a Supervisor of Midwives for 18 of those years.
I am currently team leader for Stewartry Midwifery Team (Yellow Team)
I trained in Ayrshire Central Hospital 1979-1980. Worked as midwife for 2 years then went to Canada to work. I spent from 1982-1985 working in Toronto then in Northern Newfoundland with Greenfell Regional Health Services.
Then back to Ayrshire where I completed Advanced Diploma in Midwifery. Worked as labour ward sister until I moved to Dumfries & Galloway after getting married and relocating to this area.
I worked in all areas of Midwifery at Cresswell and mainly labour ward. I then had 3 children and continued to work in Cresswell and Community. I took up post of Team Leader in the Integrated Midwifery Team in April 2000 and am still in that post at present.
I have always enjoyed and feel most job satisfaction when I am in labour / delivery suite. I do also enjoy all other aspects of midwifery care.
I live in Gatehouse of Fleet with my husband and 3 children. I enjoy community life in Gatehouse. I am involved in a small youth club for 8-13 year olds.
I enjoy walking, cycling, eating out and theatre / cinema.

Kathleen Hamblin
Carole McBurnie

30 Years
Team Midwife Green Team
I have worked at the Clenoch Birthing Centre for 25 years having previously worked at Ayrshire Maternity Unit.
I am interested in Normal Birth and promoting it at Clenoch Birthing Centre
I am married with 1 daughter and have keen interests in scrapbooking and gardening. My grandson keeps me very busy.



 Carole McBurnie.jpg
Claire McLaren

10 years experience
Midwife Practitioner on Birthing Suite
Worked within the Red Team for 4 years until I had my children and then came into the Hospital setting. Have worked in Birthing Suite since. I became a Supervisor of Midwives 2 years ago.
I have a particular interest in promotion of normality and the mentoring and support of student midwives. I am at this time interested and intrigued by the increase in obesity in childbearing women and pregnancy and have included this as part of my further education with the University of West of Scotland.
I live in Dumfries with Paul and my two children Hannah and Jamie. I am a busy mum and have to say as with most parents spend most of time playing taxi driver to the kids activities. I wouldn’t have it any other way! When I do get some time I enjoy running and catching up with friends over dinner and wine. 


 Claire McLaren.jpg
Melanie McLean

I qualified as a midwife in 2001. I was appointed as a Supervisor of Midwives in 2010.
I am a Green team midwife, providing community based midwifery care to families in Newton Stewart and the Machars. I provide intrapartum care at home and in the Clenoch Birthing Centre.
I trained as a student midwife in Ayrshire, and after qualifying I worked as a team midwife in
Essex, before moving to Dumfries and Galloway in 2004.
I was previously a Sexual Health Advisor.
I enjoy being a clinical midwife, working in the community and being able to provide care locally.
I am a mentor to students.
When I’m not working I am usually on a beach with my husband and four children; trying to get my garden to grow; or having a go at keeping fit. 


 Mel McLean.jpg
Joyce Reekie

26 years of experience
Head of Midwifery/Midwifery Manager
A qualified midwife since 1985, I have experience in all aspects of midwifery care as a midwife and as a midwifery sister/team leader.
In 2000 I was appointed to the post of Policy and Practice Development Midwife responsible for the development of service guidance and staff development.
In 2003 I moved in to service management and became the Senior Midwifery Manager. I am proud to be the Head of Midwifery for NHS Dumfries and Galloway.
I also have 10 years experience as a Supervisor of Midwives.
Quality improvement, Service development, staff development, Public involvement/Patient experience.
Married with a family, I enjoy hill walking, musical theatre (taking part and watching), photography, bird watching and horse riding. I have lived in Dumfries and Galloway most of my life and love the peace and beauty of this unspoilt part of Scotland.



Statutory supervision of midwives has operated within the UK since the beginning of the 20th century, when the majority of midwives practised independently or through charities.  Since then, the role and function of supervisors of midwives have been shaped and defined by changes in social policy, professional development and practice.  However, it remains a means of monitoring and supporting midwives’ professional practice to ensure that childbearing women receive care to the standards expected in contemporary health services. 

“In line with the overall purpose of professional self-regulation, supervision of midwives and midwifery practice supports protection of the public by providing good practice, preventing poor practice and intervening in unacceptable practice.”
(UKCC, 2001)

The purpose of statutory supervision of midwives is to protect the public and support and promote good midwifery practice.  In fulfilling this remit, it plays a critical role in developing midwifery practice, the profession and the standards and policies developed to ensure the safe, high quality delivery of service.

Midwives are authorised by law to carry full responsibility for mothers and their babies throughout the period from giving pre-conceptual advice, antenatal, intranatal and post natal care, unless there is an emergency or deviation from the normal which is outside their sphere of practice.  In such situations they should call on the assistance of an appropriately qualified practitioner.  It is crucial that midwives are competent to assume this responsibility and are able to maintain and develop their skills, knowledge and competence.  Statutory supervision of midwives gives the necessary support and guidance to ensure midwives achieve and maintain the necessary competence.

The current primary legislation relevant to midwives is the Nursing and Midwifery Order, 2001 (The Order) (Department of Health, 2001), which provided for the creation of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to replace the functions of the United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting (UKCC), and the National Boards for England Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  The NMC assumed responsibility for establishing and maintaining standards of education, training, conduct and performance for nurses, midwives and health visitors.  The NMC also has a responsibility to establish standards for the exercise of LSA functions.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council 
Link opens in new windowThe Nursing and Midwifery Council is an organisation set up by Parliament to protect the public by ensuring that nurses and midwives provide high standards of care to their patients and clients.

To achieve its aims, the NMC:
• maintains a register of qualified nurses, midwives and specialist community public health nurses
• sets standards for education, practice and conduct
• provides advice for nurses and midwives
• considers allegations of misconduct or unfitness to practise due to ill health

The Nursing and Midwifery Council, 29 Portland Place, London, W1B 1PZ.

Telephone 020 7637 7181
Fax 020 7436 2924   

Local Supervising Authority (LSA)
NHS Dumfries and Galloway is part of the South East and West of Scotland Local Supervising Authority.  The Local Supervising Authority Midwifery officer is Yvonne Bronsky her contact details and more information can be found at the previous link.