Pre-Operative Assessment Unit

Pre-Operative Assessment Unit prepares patients who are due to be admitted to hospital

Pre-operative Appoinment

The pre-operative assessment clinic is based on the first floor of the main hospital.

The length of time required for the assessment may vary and can last between 40 minutes or 2 hours.  The assessment is an improtant process prior to your operation to make sure you are fully prepared for admission to hospital, recovery and discharge home.

At the end of you appointment you will be provided with leaflets about how you can prepare for your operation, and recovery following discharge.  If you have any questions please ask the nurse.

Cancelling you appointment

If, for any reason you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.  An early cancellation means we will be able to allocate the appointment time to someone else.

Your appointment

The pre-operative nurse will assess your fitness for surgery and anaesthesia ensuring you are in the best health prior to your operation. 

The nurse will discuss your general health and record your medical history, ask about medication you are currently taking which will include all prescription medication and any other medication you purchase and take regularly ie pain relief tablets, inhalers, creams, eye drops etc.  Bringing a list of medication regularly used would be a great help. 

The nurse will also carry out routine tests - blood pressure, pulse, weight and height, you could also have blood tests, heart tracing ECG and MRSA mouth swab or be requested to provide a urine sample. 

If any problems are identified you may be asked to attend an appointment with an anaesthetist.

For further information

If you require any further information prior to you appointment, please contact the pre-assessment team.

Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm

01387 241366