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Putting You First was a five year change programme for Health, Care and Support services in Dumfries and Galloway running from 2010 – 2015 involving a partnership across the NHS, Local Authority, Third and Independent Sector.

About PYF

Putting You First (PYF) was a five year change programme set up with funding from the National Change fund. The programme aimed to test and develop models of care and new ways of working that could provide health and care services at or as close to people’s own homes as appropriate and ensure that high quality services would continue to be delivered to older people across the region in the future.

Reshaping Care for Older People is a Scottish Government initiative aimed at improving services for older people by shifting care towards anticipatory care and prevention. The Dumfries and Galloway older population is increasing and because of this we need to change how we deliver care. Older people are an asset to this country and preparing for an increasingly ageing population is one of our biggest national challenges.

The Dumfries and Galloway partnership was responding to the wider efficiencies agenda and the significant challenge of delivering transformational level change that would result in a significant shift in the balance of care from institutional based care to communities that is believed to be the most appropriate approach to sustainable services for older people in the longer term. 

The scope of the Programme involved all health and care sectors and included the Council, NHS and Third and Independent Sectors and communities in Dumfries and Galloway. PYF followed a ‘tests of change’ approach, evaluating the overall impact of the Programme (please see PYF evaluation plan here) and monitored what worked on delivering benefits and what did not.

Tests of change ran alongside mainstream services to enable robust evaluation to help identify the level of impact to be determined before a potential roll out, scale-up or embedding within mainstream services across the region. In the final two years of the programme, the scope of the programme widened to include supporting the transfer of learning into locality based models and the move towards health and social care integration.


These web pages are new for the Putting You First Programme and have been launched in January 2015 with the aim of providing information and reports on all of the tests of change the five year programme has achieved.

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You can also have a look at PYF on YouTube to see the tests of change that have been filmed for ongoing learning outcomes:


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Putting You First had structured governance to ensure each test of change and the finance attached to them were appropriately managed.

Initially the structure was set up with a Senior Programme Board, Finance Board, Leads Committee and eight Workstreams and a Pathfinder. The purpose of the Pathfinder was to test a selection of the tests in one locality, to measure any increase on impact, based on an increase in focused activity.

The Finance and Programme Board were merged and finance made a regular item on the agenda. Workstreams were delegated financial approval authorisation for proposals under £50k. Anything of this amount or above had to be presented to the Programme Board.

In 2013 the Workstreams were realigned from eight to three Workstreams: Preventative Approaches to Care, Seamless Pathways of Care and Supporting People in Their Communities and two Enablers: Delivering Innovative Modern Services and Supporting Carers. Funding was also given to each locality partnership to further develop and embed good practice across the region.

In 2014 implementing PYF approaches began to focus more on the delivery in localities and the Workstreams were merged into the current themes:

  • Developing Communities
  • Optimising Technology
  • Integrated Ways of Working
  • Preventative and Anticipated Approaches

You can learn more about the progress of each theme by viewing their pages by clicking on the navigation menu on the left.

In 2015, the final three months of the five year programme, each of the tests of change underwent audit scrutiny and test of change evaluation. These reports can be found on the themed pages.

This document shows you all of the Putting You First tests under the themes and tells you if the test has ended, will end by March 2015, or will end post March 2015.

Below are key Strategic Documents that demonstrate the work of PYF over the five years  

2011- 2012 Annual Report

2012- 2013 Annual Report

Programme Plan

JIT Report 2015

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Joint Strategic Plan 2012-2022

Carers Strategy 2012-2017

Reshaping Care for Older People change fund guidance 2012-2013

Health and Social Care of other people in Scotland

Change Fund Report June 2015