Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Quit Your Way Service?
The Quit Your Way Service offers smokers through out Dumfries and Galloway help in stopping smoking.

How does the Quit Your Way Service work?
An appointment will be arranged for you to meet with one of our advisers who will provide you with advice and support to help you achieve your goal to stop smoking. You will meet with one of our advisers in a Health Care Setting, e.g. your local GP surgery or Community Setting. Appointments are normally on a one-to-one basis which last a maximum of 30 minutes. If this does not suit we also runs groups in some areas.

How many appointments will I have to attend?
You will meet with your adviser fortnightly over a period of 3 months. We aim to provide a flexible service and can also offer evening appointments in Annan, Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Stranraer for smokers who cannot manage to day time clinics.

Will I be provided with any aids to stop smoking?
We contact your GP who provides us with an approval for use of what medication is suitable for you to aid your quit attempt.  Once we have approval we can provide a course of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in various forms such as patch, gum, oral spray, lozenge etc.  Based on suitabilty we can also recommend the use of Champix or Zyban. 

 I am not sure if I am ready to stop but can I come along for an informal chat?
Yes. When you first meet your adviser there will be no expectation for you to stop smoking there and then. Our advisers will give you information on stopping smoking and can provide you with leaflets to take away and if you feel you would like to set a quit date then a further appointment can be arranged.

I have already used the Quit Your Way Service in the past, can I come back?
Yes. Many smokers take more than one attempt before they are successful in the long term and we will happily support you again.

I am pregnant, can I still use the service?
Yes. The Quit Your Way Service have a special project running called Born 2 Quit.  Quit Your Way work closely with the Midwifery Team to ensure that all pregnant women who are smokers are contacted by a specialist stop smoking advisor in order to discuss their smoking behaviour.

I am under 18 and want help to stop smoking, can I use the service?
Yes. The Quit Your Way Service have a project set up for young smokers across the region called Want 2 Quit. You can be seen in one of our clinics or we can arrange with your Head teacher or Guidance Teacher to come along to your school.

My mum and dad don’t know I smoke, will you contact them?
All clients who refer in to the service are asked for a contact number and whether we can leave a message or not. If your parents do not know then we will make all contact via text or e-mail, whichever you would prefer.

The Quit Your Way Service is confidential and your any personal information is protected under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Will my GP be made aware of my attempt in Stopping Smoking?
The admin team in Quit Your Way will contact your GP by letter to get approval for you to use NRT if appropriate.

When you have finished your course a letter will be sent with your progress and outcome of your quit attempt.

I am housebound and can not attend any clinics, can you give me support?
If you are housebound Quit Your Way DG can visit you at home. First we will contact your GP to see if you attend GP appointments, if so then we arrange to see you after or before a doctor’s appointment at your surgery.

Where are the clinics held?

Clinic Locations

How do I arrange an appointment?
You can contact Quit Your Way DG directly on 0845 602 6861 and the admin team will take your personal details and organise an appointment for you if possible. You can also email  or text on 07736 955 211 and someone will get back to you.

ANYONE who is registered with a GP in Dumfries and Galloway can use the Quit Your Way Service. Your GP, practice nurse, district nurse, health visitor, dentist, podiatrist or pharmacist can refer you too.

How soon after I have referred myself can I expect an appointment?
You will be seen by a specialist stop smoking advisor as soon as possible and we aim for your appointment to be within 2 weeks. If you would like to get started your quit attempt straight away we can do this over the phone before your first appointment. If you require a specific time then we will try and accomodate.

If you are unable to attend an appointment please cancel by phoning 0845 602 6861, text 07736 955 211 or email dgsmokingmatters@nhs.netThis allows us to allocate the time to someone else.

Hospital Adviser
We have an adviser who attends Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary and Mountainhall Treatment Centre. If you are an inpatient and would like to see the adviser please contact the service directly or ask a member of staff and this can be arranged for you.