Second Hand Smoke

 What is Second Hand Smoke?

Second Hand Smoke is smoke that is breathed in from other people's tobacco smoke. It is caused by smoke that is blown out when someone is smoking or it comes from the tip of a cigarette that has been left to burn.

There are over 4000 chemicals in every cigarette. Many poisonous substances can stay in a room or car for months after the cigarette has been stubbed out.

Second Hand Smoke will:

  • Quickly spread to other rooms in your house even if a window is open 
  • Stick to clothes, walls, furniture, carpets and toys 
  • Increase the risks of health problems for your family, friends and pets

Second Hand Smoke Leaflet 

  What are the dangers to children?

We all want the best for our children so make sure you protect them from the effects of Second Hand Smoke. Children and babies who live in homes or travel in cars where people smoke have greater chance of:

  • Becoming ill with coughs and ear infections
  • Suffering from on-going chest problems such as wheezing, asthma and bronchitis 
  • Dying from cot death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS)

FACT - Each year in Britain 9,500 are admitted to hospital because of the effects of second-hand smoke

FACT - Children are more at risk because their lungs are still growing and their immune system is still developing

What can I do to keep my family safe from second hand smoke?

Make your home a smoke free home and ask friends and family to smoke outside 

  • Avoid smoking or allowing other people to smoke in your car at all times

FACT - Children learn habits from the people closest to them. If they live with someone who smokes they are 3 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO SMOKE themselves when they grow up.

Some Myths

  • Once smoke has visibly cleared from the room, the danger from second-hand smoke has gone
  • Opening windows and doors, or restricting smoking to one room will get rid of second-hand smoke 
  • Winding down windows in the car and blowing the smoke out stops the smoke from getting into the car

For help and support contact: 0845 602 6861