Stop Smoking Cycle

Deciding that you want to stop smoking is only the first step in the journey to long term stop smoking success.  Many people take a number of quit attempts before they succeed.  The Smoking Matters service will support you whenever you are motivated to stop, no matter how many times we have seen you before.  In fact we welcome you back as you are more likely to succeed each time you try. 

Thinking about Stopping Smoking?

If you are thinking about stopping smoking the best thing to do is to make a plan of how you are going to do it.  Think about: 

Have you ever tried before?  

If you have then what helped,  what could you do differently this time?

If you haven't tried before then think about what support is available to you.  

REMEMBER you are 4 times more likley to have a long term succesful quit if you use a specialist stop smoking service than if you go it using willpower alone. 

The Smoking Matters Service will help you to plan your quit attempt to suit your needs and to prepare you for a long term successful quit.

Staying Stopped

Sometimes the quit seems to get even more difficult as time passes. 

The first few weeks have seemed relatively easy and then suddenly the craving to smoke becomes worse than ever. 

This can be pretty normal but it is a dangerous time for relapse. 

Having support from a specialist smoking cessation advisor will help you to:

Remain motivated

Focus on the positive aspects of stopping smoking

Ensure you have the apporpriate product to help with the cravings

Work through this difficult phase and help you to succeed with long term abstinence

Taking Action to Stop Smoking

Once your plan is in place then you need to set a quit date and stick to it. 

Get everything in your plan ready for this date.

If you are using the Smoking Matters Service then we will help you to do this and discuss what things you need to think about such as:

What product will be best for you

How to cope with cravings

How to deal with difficult situations

How to deal with emotional situations

If you find that things aren't going according to plan then we will help you to adapt.  We are always available at the other end of the phone and we will help you to adapt your plan to help you through difficult times.

REMEMBER having the support of a specialist smoking cessation advisor will make your quit attempt much easier than going it alone.

Relapse - Smoking Again

If your quit attempt has broken down and you've started smoking again then this is not a sign that you cannot stop. 

This is a pretty normal phase in the cycle of stopping smoking. 

Most people take a few attempts before they manage to stop for good, some people take many attempts.

It is important that you use your experience from all your previous quit attempts to make your next quit attempt even more successful.

At The Smoking Matters Service we will welcome you back and our specialist smoking cessation advisors will help you to focus on the positive aspects of previous quit attempts and to see that relapse can be used to make your next attempt even more successful.

The most important thing is that you work on your motivation and be ready and prepared to start again with your next stop smoking plan.